DJ Qwick-Fingas
Afro-Beat / Hip-Hop / Zouk

DJ Qwick-Fingas was born in Boa Vista, Cape Verde on October 13th, 1983. At an early age he knew that music and entertainment were the life he wanted. Being the oldest of two kids and the only boy, growing up in Brooklyn, New York, back then there wasn't much to do except for listening to music. One day while listening to a couple of DJ's on HOT 97, in New York, he realized that he could do the same thing some day. At the age of 13, Qwick-Fingas and a couple of friends got their hands on a set of turntables from a friend who was a good DJ from around the way (DJ Iya). They started practicing and learning the in's and out's of playing music, soon they were making mixtapes and selling them from out of their backpacks in high school. After establishing a reputation for themselves in H.S, they formed a crew called Techni Sounds.

After leaving the group in 2002 to move to the state of Rhode Island, He started his own production company called Topp-A-D-Line Productions. Being in the state of R.I. and surrounded by Cape Verdians, he started doing Cape Verdian music. With three Cape Verdian mixtapes under his belt, he became friends with DJ Helder and formed Elite DJs ..."I knew Helder from the first day I moved to R.I.. We were always on the same page with each other, music wise and life wise. We both want the same out of this experience and we clicked together.“

DJ Qwick-Fingas has worked with artist such as Denis Graca, Edson Danny, DND, Isidora, Novu Reino, Pulonga, CV Boys Band, Xaxe and The Boys, Djedje, Ferro Gaita, Johnny Ramos, Hugo, Sandro, Vargas and many more to come.

Today the DJ duo goes by the name Elite Djs. You are welcome to visit their website and social networks to download previous mixtapes and remixes on Elitedjsmusic.com and Myspace.com/djqwickfingas.  Thanks for taking your time to read up on DJ Qwick-Fingas.

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