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With more than 20 years in the industry and voted one of the Top 25 Hip-Hop DJs of All Time, by Newsweek Magazine, Cut Creator is an icon in the Hip-Hop industry.  Well known as the right hand man for Rap's mega star, LL Cool J, he made “What's my DJ's Name? CUT CREATOR!” one of the most known rap lyrics.

Besides working and touring with LL Cool J, Cut Creator is making a name for himself in radio and working the worldwide party circuit. Yes, Cut Creator is still rocking the beat with his hands.

In addition to guest appearances on television and radio show throughout the U.S., Caribbean, UK, Africa and Asia. Cut Creator began working his radio career at WNHC with Doc Wynter; thrilled fans in Toronto, Canada as the host of the Energy 180 Roadshow; Brought the heat to Tampa at the WLLD; then added power to KRWP in Houston; and controlled the beat at KXBT Austin.

Born Jay Philpot, This Queens, New York native was hit with the music bug at an early age, born the son of legendary saxophonist Jack Philpot (who has played with such music greats as Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave and the Isleys Brothers) Jay laid the foundation for his music career as a child by learning and playing the trombone.

In the late 70's, a new wave of music came out… It was called Rap and Jay traded his trombone for a pair of turntables & became Cut Creator.  Along with his brother and a bunch of neighborhood friends he formed a crew and began playing school and block parties.  At one of these events, he met a little skinny kid named LL Cool J.  That meeting formed a winning historical combination.  With too many tours, albumbs and magazines to mention, LL Cool J and Cut Creator still have the longest successful career in the history of Rap.

In addition to his success with LL Cool J, Cut Creator has won several awards including a Houston A.I.R. for best radio mixer on KRWP Power 97.5; DJ competitions including DJ-3 Mixing Championships. This veteran entertainer has been able to reinvent himself and has proven he still has the desire and skills to win.

When Cut Creator is on the turntables he masterfully creates a party atmosphere which sends  a continous wave of energy to the audience - you will constantly see people throw their hands in the air and shout, "That's my SONG!" or some similar phrase.  The world famous legendary Cut Creator always brings his A-game and is readily available for concert, club and party events.

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